Matt Straub is a New York City-based IT technician & audio engineer with a passion for entrepreneurship, creativity, and problem-solving. He strives to create seamless experiences for users by bringing creative solutions to any project he works on as a Senior Mac Engineer at MTS Pro Services. Matt graduated from Marymount Manhattan College where he created his own Interdisciplinary Studies major concentrating in Critical Sound Design. This allowed him to customize his B.A. to learn as much about audio and music as possible, while still maintaining a strong liberal arts foundation. To learn more about Matthew’s time at Marymount, click here to check out an article featured on the Marymount Manhattan College website. The culmination of his studies at Marymount was an immersive audio installation project called remember. Remember presents an abstract simulation of dementia using audio to immerse the participants into a forgetful world. Originally from a small town in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Matthew loves learning more about his hometown and his family history. He is currently digitizing all of his family’s recorded video, audio, and photographs for safe preservation so that future generations can experience his family history in an easily accessible manner.