Artist Statement
About Matthew:

Originally from Hazleton, Pennsylvania; Matthew developed his passion for audio from a young age by experimenting with different microphones and other equipment in the attic of his childhood home. His father had worked in the radio industry for about 16 years and passed down a plethora of knowledge and information to Matt beginning at an early age. In his teen years and throughout high school, Matt assisted countless individuals and organizations as an audio engineer, sound designer, and IT Consultant. Fast forward to the present, Matt still enjoys working with all forms of New Media, but audio is still his favorite. Completing his degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Critical Audio Design, Matt has spent most of his time at Marymount Manhattan College learning about sound; from how to create it, to how it affects us emotionally. Matt has also worked for productions in the Theatre and Dance departments of the college, where he has lead the audio crew for a number of different shows and events. Outside of the audio world, Matthew enjoys playing disk golf and spending time outdoors.

About remember:

remember is an immersive audio installation that presents an abstract simulation of dementia using audio to immerse the participants into a forgetful world. Inspired by his encounters with his own grandmother experiencing Dementia, Matthew recorded dozens of hours of questions family members had asked her. These questions, combined with ambient recordings of elder care facilities and musical elements comprise everything you hear in remember. This piece serves both as a simulation of what is like to suffer from Dementia, and also poses the question of how we should care for / converse with those who suffer from different types of Alzheimer’s.

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Installation Information:

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Remember is in memory of Ann Gavio, Matthew’s loving grandmother
Matt with his grandmother, Ann Gavio (2015)
Matt with his grandmother, Ann Gavio (2015)